Galaxy Combat Wargames - Free To Play PvP Space Shooter Launches On Steam

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    Promo_1.jpg Promo_2.jpg Overview of the Game

    Galaxy Combat Wargames is a fast-paced head to head multiplayer PvP space shooter where you have been recruited by Planet Dionos Commander-in-Chief Rog for wargames conducted to prepare for mission Offensive Sting against an evil enemy Zoknocs. You will engage in challenging and intense space combat matches against other fighters from around the world.You can challenge any one around the world in this Space Shooter game and your goal is to become the ultimate champion of all the planetary arenas for the wargames to become the best of the best. I am thrilled to inform that game has just released and you can now have the hands on experience here on

    Release Trailer

    Why It Is Galaxy Combat Wargames

    It is the story of two Alien Races and in this very version you are from the of Planet Dionos. A huge legacy is behind Planet Dionos. Rog is the young commander-in-chief and He knows that his planet is under threat by a veteran Alien enemy called Zoknocs.

    Luna family has been ruling the Planet Dionos for centuries. Since ages, the Commandership of the Planet is shifting from ancestors of this grand family. The ancestors of Luna had always an ultimate goal and that is to keep peace within Galaxy. After the demise of the last commander, Rog the eldest one was crowned as Commander-in-Chief of Planet Dionos.

    Zoknocs, An Old evil Alien enemy has the only goal of spreading destruction on the planets and rule the entire universe. He made a clever plan by sending a message to Rog through satellite that he wants to visit the Luna force in order to buried the hatchet between the two planet forces.

    Took advantage of Rog's being a Naïve Commander-in-Chief, Zoknocs did a fierce attack on Planet Dionos. Rog's army fought bravely and forced Zoknocs to retreat but the sudden attack on Planet Dionos costed Rog to lose his family and his father's major commanders. While mourning on the incredible loss of lives, Little does Rog know that Zoknocs was not over yet. He was planning to do a second attack to eliminate all that is left.

    As Rog came to know about the next invasion by this deadly enemy. He committed himself to defend his honor and the homeland. He promised his lost loved ones that He will recruit the best of the best army within the commanders. Rog did massive research and developed a series of Weapons and Commanders Base and titled the weapons in the names of the lost heroes of Luna Family whom he had looked up since his childhood.

    Rog handed over these weapons to the young army, He is about to create through Wargames. That army of commanders is you (The Players) Now you would need to earn these Heroic and legendary weapons with their fighting skills in these Wargames on different independent planetary arenas residing in Planet Dionos.

    Key Features
    • Battle against anyone around the world
    • Face to Face online intense space combat in real time
    • Fighter spaceships equipped with powerful weapons
    • Multiple space environments with different planetary arenas for the wargames
    • Hi-quality and engaging space environments
    • Variety of spaceship skins and commander helmets
    • Responsive Intuitive controls for fast paced maneuvers & strategic targeting
    • Global leaderboard showing list of top fighters
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