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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Neville Bowen, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Basis of game: The globe is at war with two opposing factions. The player must choose a faction and decide how he will fit into its war mechanics. He will have many options to choose from including production, transportation, or actual Combat.

    Logistical mechanics: A new player who chooses to start the game in transportation, will begin with a budget of $50,000 (hypothetically), a small base and a broken down transport vehicle of his choice (truck, train locomotive, plane etc.) He will spend some of his budget on parts to repair his vehicle and earn money by transporting goods. He may play in the first person and operate his vehicle personally or he may hire an AI crew to complete his transport missions. He will have the ability to switch between AI control and personal control at any time. He will be able to upgrade and customize his base and his vehicle. He will need to maintain it as well by regularly purchasing fuel and parts. He may also purchase other vehicles and hire AI drivers to run them. (Games like American Truck Simulator, Derail Valley and Flight Simulator will give an idea of how this will work.) Of course the in-game operation of transport vehicles may have to be simplified given the scope of this game but should be as detailed and involved as possible. Players must be incentivised to play in this way.

    Production mechanics: At the start of the game (which will span the entire globe) there will be many AI controlled production buildings (mines for metals, oil fields for oil, farms for food etc.) These buildings will continually output resources which will have to be transported to warehouses, or silos or secondary production facilities such as factories refineries etc and also to the front lines. As the game progresses, these facilities will become available for players to purchase and run on their own. There will be options to upgrade and customize their facilities for improved production. Players may own more than one facility or more than one type of facility. A player may own an entire production chain. Oil field - oil depot - refinery - fuel storage depot - distribution facilities.

    Combat mechanics: A new player may choose to begin the game as a combatant. He will begin with a budget of $50,000 (hypothetically), a small base and the choice of a broken down warplane or ground vehicle or warship. He will spend some of his budget to repair his vehicle and send or pilot it into battle. If he chooses a plane for example, it will be missing its engine, radar or some other vital components which will have to be purchased and installed . These components can later be upgraded to improve the functionality of his vehicle. He can then choose to pilot his vehicle personaly into battle of he may hire an AI crew to complete his missions.

    General game mechanics: The overall balance of the war will be controlled either by AI or by the game devs. At the launch of a server, the balance will be equal on both sides. Every country will Have multiple strategic points (cities or landmarks) which must be held to maintain the frontlines. Logistical and combat missions will be generated and listed on a universal mission board. Players will be able to accept missions suitable for their equipment and attempt to complete them.
    Example 1_Air Reconnaissance: An area of enemy territory needs to be reconnoitered by air. A combat mission is generated and posted on the mission board. It requires a force of ten planes for the main mission as well as additional air resources. Ten players equipped with radar planes as well as players with the other required planes will accept and the mission begins. The ten players will fly to a rendezvous point (alternatively they may simply be transported to a common launch point with no expense of fuel or maintenance) and the mission will begin. The other air resources may include tankers for aerial refueling and AWACS planes for Aerial Early Warning and Control. These support aircraft will begin their mission at different bases and will have to rendezvous with the main mission package at the sheduled time.
    Example 2_Ground Assault: After the recon mission was completed a lightly defended town was identified that could be used as a launch point for a major assault on a strategic city. Several new combat missions are generated. One is a ground assault on the town which requires 50 players with tanks and other ground assault vehicles. (Pause for my thoughts on infantry: all infantry activities will be AI controlled. However the infantry must be transported to the frontline. Missions like this one will include support players equipped with infantry transports including road vehicles and helicopters maybe even tilt rotor craft like the Osprey. The mission will generate an infantry quota which will have to be met by players and at mission start the infantry will begin to assault the town backed by player controlled vehicles). At the same time, missions will be generated for the opposing faction geared towards defense of the same town.
    Example 3_Close air support. Based on the two prior missions outlined, a third mission is simultaneously generated. It requires 10 players with the relevant aircraft to provide air support for the assault on the town. As before this mission may require support elements which will generate further missions and so it goes on.
    This will be happening all over the global map so there is room for many players to participate. The number of players required for individual missions can be balanced with the overall number of active players on the server.
    All these combat missions will also begin to generate logistical missions. Each player's base will need to be supplied with fuel, food and other resources. Bullets, bombs and missiles as well as new war machines will have to be manufactured and transported from factories to where they are needed. Armor plating, engines and radar components will have to be transported to the factories and wiring, plastics and circuit boards will have to be transported to the component makers.
    Many logistical missions will take place at or near active hot zones. Combat missions will be generated for the opposing faction to actively hunt supply convoys therefore supporting combat missions in the form of Escort Missions and Close Air Support will be generated involving multiple friendly players.
    Okay so that's a lot but still only the vaguest of descriptions. There are many many more details to my idea. If you've read this far and would like to hear more or if you are interested in helping me develop the idea further please comment and let me know. If I get 20 comments then I'll continue the thread. If not then I'll take that to mean it's not such a great idea afterall, so let me know.

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    Sorry, but your idea would not work. Such a game would take many months to develop for a large team.

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