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    Hello everyone,

    I'm Christian A. Slater (pleased to meet you)

    The DevilBliss Games Consultancy (which is me working solo) provides an unrelentingly objective and if need be exhaustively long-winded evaluation of your in-progress game at any stage of its creation, spanning from pre-production concepting across the entire development process right up until final polish and detailing.

    Much wore wordy info and testimonials can be found here:

    I take a non-traditional approach to monetising myself and my skills – essentially I believe that no-one is in a better position to decide what my feedback is worth than a game's creators themselves, so the decision as to what and when to pay is completely and utterly down to you. You won't find a menu of services and pricings on this website plus you'll never receive an invoice or bill from me – I'm confident that the value of the feedback will speak for itself.

    For the last twelve years I've been immersed in in-house third party games evaluation for Sony Europe, playing and assessing hundreds and hundreds of titles in both code and pre-production design form and helping to nurture them to their full potential.

    This has left me with what I feel is a deep instinctive understanding of what causes a videogame to turn out either good, bad or indifferent. Over the previous decade I've striven to hone this ability to accurately perceive the potential hiccups within a gestating game (from subtle through to serious) and then suggest an achievable remedy for them, all the whilst remaining true to the creator's original vision.

    As their star has risen over recent times my focus and major source of professional satisfaction has naturally shifted towards smaller independent titles, hence my intention to provide an evaluation and feedback consultancy tuned towards the particular nature and unique needs of indie devs.

    Above all, I am on your side, and that of your game (and of the player that plays it).


    Christian S

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