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    Hey guys!

    l'm a passionate, published, and awarded writer with a background in SEO, marketing, and editing.

    Story arcs, character development, dialogue creation, text editing... as long as it involves the creative process, you name it and l can create it.


    • A natural-born story-teller: I have 15+ years of experience creating stories from scratch. Technically, l wrote my first story when i was 5 y/o (28 now): it was about Garfield the cat and Sonic the hedgehog. Primo stuff. Today, my fiction has been published across multiple websites and won awards. I’m currently serving my second staff position as a Fiction Author, which tends to throw your Writer’s Mode switch into the ON position so hard the handle snaps off. I have literal pages of notes on the creative process I’ve made about whatever I watch, read, or listen to.

      You need story work done, l'm your man.

    • l'm doing some story development and character/script/dialogue creation with a couple of hobby/rev-share projects, so l already know how to work as a team remotely.
    • Many of my stories have been published. You can check out my style and see if l'd be a good fit here. You can also check out the Projects, Achievements, and Fiction sections on my site if you want to see other samples.

    • As long as l've been writing, l've also been editing; the latter is indispensable from the former.
    • l have experience and over 12 certificates in SEO and online marketing. l have the draft of personally-researched, -written, and -edited 6,000+ word, 100+ resource content marketing sample if it's something you'd like to see.
    • l've done a small bit of voice acting and been told on occasion that i have a "good voice for reading." l wouldn't mind giving it a shot if the need for a VA ever arises.

    • Drama, horror, mystery, magical realism, historical fiction, thriller, suspense (big Stephen King fan)

    • While l'm not picky, l do have my favorites. Examples: Firewatch, Oxenfree, SOMA, Prey, Stories Untold... you get the idea. Anything story-driven, leaning on the subtle supernatural/magical realism side (again, a la Stephen King).
    Still, l'm not too picky. lf you have a shooter, bullet hell, puzzle game, RPG, etc. that you need a hell of a good writer for, l'd still like to hear about your game!

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
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