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    Glowy Space is an asset pack that allows you to create scenes set in outer space with just a few images and a lot of customization options.
    Other than the art assets, the second focus of this pack are the scripts that control the behavior of all the elements in screen, including a fully customizable 4-Direction parallax effect.

    Art Features:
    - With just a few art assets, the scripts can create an almost infinite amount of different combinations. Wich reduces the draw calls.
    - Objects as planets, stars, backgrounds, shooting stars, glows, background stars and giant planets.
    - Different layers to put on the planets, athosphere and moons included.
    - The assets does not need the scripts to be used. You can use them in any way you want and apply combinations or layers as you wish.
    - High resolution assets.
    - PSD files included. Feel free to adapt and re-design.

    Component Features:
    - 4-Direction parallax effect that is applied to all the objects in screen. All of them move at different speed wich creates a depth effect in many layers.
    - Random selection of color, rotation, size and sprite selection based on the list created by the user.
    - Prefabs fully customizable and that can be used as base to create new ones.
    - Behaviour to manage when the object is out of the screen to destroy it or regenerate in the front of the moving camera to use less objects.
    - Behaviours separated in different scripts that can be applied to any object other than the art assets.
    - The parallax effect can be applied to any new object needed

    Include a Example Scene.

    Orthographic and Perspective (2D & 3D) support.

    Go full creative with all the options that we have prepared for you.


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