FICTION MINE: looking for programmers to take on VR Interactivity

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    Our VR design company Fiction Mine is looking for experienced programmers and animators!!

    We design Virtual Reality retail and entertainment experiences. For our next phase of development, we’re putting together a team that specializes in interactivity in VR - looking for programmers for user interface design, UX research on visual cues, coding interactive commercials in VR, lighting and audio tracking expertise, reactive animations.

    We are currently designing a showroom for DELOITTE GREENHOUSE as their exclusive VR content provider, so this job could lead to plenty of paid opportunities down the line. Helping us to add value through interactivity will increase our pricing power for future projects that will flow to you as well.

    Some specific functions we're looking for:
    - creating smart VR materials that respond to user data ie. How many players are in the space, how many likes...
    - Avatars that can talk to each other, see their reflections, pick up objects
    - Avatars included in Ads ie. Players show up when they approach, are included with previous/history of players
    - Navigation that doesn’t rely on teleporting
    - Sound tracking when avatars are nearer to objects
    - Manipulating objects ie. Pick up, drop, open, magnify, carry
    - Shopping interfaces more native to VR
    - Reactive animations for product demos
    - Realistic natural lighting ie. Baked lighting

    We're looking for interactive functionality that can be implemented across multiple virtual environments, and we want to study ease of use so that even beginners can successfully engage with a full spectrum of VR shopping and entertainment.

    If interested, please tell us about examples of interactive functionality you’ve worked on previously.
    We're fine with remote work, but Ideally we can work together in LA a couple days a week. showroom1.JPG
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