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    Masayume Studios is a small studio based out of the U.S., dedicated to producing visual novels containing romance targeted mostly towards girls. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy visual novels completely for free, and thus will aim to make all of our games non-commercial. Our debut game will be a long term project: Shards, which will be distributed non-commercially.

    The Great War was finally over. The Sentinels were destroyed and the world was finally at peace. Mysteriously, one of the four gods of creation (the rulers of all gods) is murdered. After her death, her soul strangely shattered into five shards instead of being sent to Tokoyo (Realm of the dead). These five shards were sent to the five islands in Soutto (Realm of the mortals). Chaos broke in Ryouun (Realm of the gods), and gods began blaming each other for the tragedy. The Soutto was becoming unstable from the raw power the goddess’s soul was influencing. Natural disasters were occurring more than they should and sicknesses were infecting more than usual. War was once again on the verge of starting before the remaining three rulers made a decision.

    You are the Goddess of Life, and you are the only one that can bring the goddess back. While reincarnation is strictly forbidden, a special exception was made in order to stop another war from brewing. You are sent to the Soutto to find the fractured pieces of the goddess’s soul. The hope is to find all the shards before they cause anymore damage in Soutto, but of course, little can be predicted…

    [​IMG] Logo/icon artist: We are looking for someone who has experience in creating logos for both games and studios (since Shards is our debut visual novel, you would be making two logos: one for the studio and one for the game). Also, it is preferable if you can create square icons of different resolutions.

    [​IMG] GUI artist: We need someone who can create different screens of the game. This includes the basic screens (main menu, preferences, save/load, and quit) with the choices and textbox design. Additional screen may include a CG gallery screen. More details about the general color scheme will be given to you.

    [​IMG] Promotional artist: We are looking for someone who has experience in creating promotional or "special" artwork, which includes posters and special CGs; a piece of artwork that will catch the readers' attention and further promote the game.

    More positions will be added later once we finish more assets of the game. Positions that are currently closed, but will be open in the future are the following: Colorist, Background artist, Programmer, and possibly some more!

    If you have any inquiries about the recruitment positions and workload, you are free to reply to this thread. We will try and reply back to you within a week's time.

    If you are interested in applying for one (or more) of the open positions listed above, you may send an email to the address masayume-studios♥️ (♥️ = @) with some samples of your previous or mock work. Please also note that you will not be receiving any payment in exchange for your work, but you will be appropriately credited.

    We hope to be working with you!

    Please note that the following sketches are nowhere near the final sprite's quality.
    Great Barracuda: Sphyr. Aggressive and intimidating. Spear wielder.

    Black Widow: Tacitus. Sarcastic and sadistic. Shuriken/kusarigama wielder.

    (Coming soon...)
    Red Wolf: Ashni. Playful and mischievous. Gauntlet claws wielder.

    (Coming soon...)

    Long-Legged Buzzard Hawk: Nabil. Noble and quiet. Bow and arrow wielder.

    (Coming soon...)

    Ulysses Butterfly: Dylan. Elegant and princely. Butterfly knife wielder.
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    Hi there, my name is Juhani Junkala. I'm a 33 year old musician from Finland. I have over 20 years of experience as a composer and electronic music producer. I also have a master's degree as a classical composer from Sibelius Academy (top 7th music university in the world,2016)

    Here's a compilation of my music that fits your requirements:

    Contact me if your are interested. I've worked on quite a few games already.

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