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    I did post about this game in the past but it did need some more work and it is in a much better state now.

    Fantastical is a beat em up platformer with a challenge.

    Set in a cute 3D world the game takes place in a fantasy setting where the player gets to explore various surreal worlds and take down various enemies.

    Explore more than 20 worlds and get ready for a challenge! and with more planned free content.

    If you played Super Mario 64 or even Conker you will feel right at home with this game however the uniqueness of the game is in its beat em up elements, create your own combos with easy to chain attacks
    with X , B , Y or Left Click , Right Click , Middle Scroll (Mouse) time is everything here and be ready for
    the attack!

    You take down demons in Fantastical with simple to ferocious enemies to take down from deadly bosses
    to serious platforming skills Fantastical has you covered when it comes to a challenge!

    Here are a few screenshots:

    Henry in Celestina
    Henry in Celestina
    (This image depicts a small town in the sky where henry mostly has to travel by grinding on rails)

    New features include:
    - HDR support for screens with native HDR "Dolby Vision , HDR10 or HDR10+"

    - HBCHDR (Hybrid Backward Compatible High Dynamic Range) works by increasing the darks and whites on the screen delivering the deepest blacks and the brightest whites. Similar to HLG HDR this does NOT require a HDR screen to be experienced and its fully SDR ready.

    - Languages: English , German , Japanese "More languages coming soon".

    Platforms of availability: Windows 10 x64

    This game is available now only on Microsoft Store.

    Get Fantastical here.


    - Ernesto M

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    Gameplay footage of Fantastical here:

    Fantastical is a Beat Em Up , Open World , Adventure , Platformer for Windows 10, in this video Henry is in a world called Celestina a Fantasy World which is also one of the early levels you can play.

    The enemies are Raptor Bots in order to attack you must time your next moves carefully if your careless odds are the enemies can attack you quicker.​
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    Image of the Moment
    "Earlier image of Celestina World"

    The video above shows some gameplay that takes place on the modern Celestina world
    watch the video above to get a look at the modern version of the game itself.

    This depicts the games very organic and round world like that of CGI were alot of geometry is used
    on a plethora of objects and the character itself but can also make the game quite expensive to run.

    In this world Henry visits is one of the few early levels that he gets to explore vast amounts of land, grass and trees
    where in this world some trade offs can be done larger worlds mean much harder enemies to find and smaller worlds
    are easier enemies to find but harder to deal with especially if you are surrounded by them.

    - Ernesto​
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    New Game Mode: Customization

    Customization is a feature in development that allows the player to customize Henry.

    Henry has his favorite scarf that he uses but it is getting a bit worn out so he makes a visit to Selena and
    he asks her if she can fix it, she agrees but also offers him the chance to have a new customized look!

    Henry isnt at all excited by it because he knows it can take a while which is why he has a slightly
    annoyed look on his face.

    Selenas Personal Walk in Closet. "THIS MODE IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT NOT FINAL"


    In this image you can see Henry inside Selenas Walk in Closet as she places him on top of a small table like display with a dark
    rug like finish she gets a glimpse on Henrys new changes.

    For this example i will talk about "Colors" which means that you can change Henrys sweaters look mostly by color
    on the list on the top left you can see that there are 6 different colors available:

    - Fire Red
    - Royal Purple
    and Ice Mint

    In this image Henry is using "Sun Flower" but this color must be unlocked by playing the campaign there
    are also others with a button fade and a "R:" on them this means "RARITY" and depending on the Rarity
    of the color the harder it is to unlock.

    Jasper and another color called Grey Cinder are harder to unlock but without a doubt the color
    Gray Cinder is the hardest in all the game to unlock and since its in the RED side of the color spectrum this means
    that it will be a real work out to unlock this color whilst Jasper can be unlocked with much less.

    How is it possible that one color is by far the hardest to unlock in all the game?
    Well... its true the color Grey Cinder is the hardest to unlock in all the game nothing comes close.

    Accessories and other features
    In this image Henry is in the Accessories menu where he can have various props to use as well.

    You can also use more than 2 props at a single time this is called "Match-ability" the menu will display a Red box on the button where the certain
    prop is addressed and will pretty much chain them together resulting in a "Active Match!" appearing in between them.

    With others... called Outfits Henry can use new appearances other than the default but in some cases some props would not be able to be
    used along side with some props for example if a Outfit has a Hat along with it Hat like props will be unusable.

    Here Henry is using two props at once but he can have many more also.

    On the bottom and under the menu we can see: Campaign Mode and Supervisor Mode along with Break the Targets
    these are used to indicate how far you are in the game and what you have unlocked along the way however this is experimental
    and not really final.

    The customization mode is built to be as easy to use as possible but also shockingly hard to make its still in the works but its getting to some nice

    More coming Soon.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.


    Fantastical available now only on the Microsoft Store.

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