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Discussion in 'Indie Business' started by amaranth, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. amaranth

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    This is an FYI for anyone who is looking for a replacement for SoftwarePassport. The developer seems pretty sharp, his prices are decent, and he has an active community.

    I've been using SoftwarePassport for years to create trial/full-version licenses for my games. They quit the business and I've been looking for a replacement for months. I stumbled upon this gem.


    If you're using BMT Micro, they are actively pursuing key support for this tool, which is cool.

    I know there are a lot of "Down with DRM" feelings these days, but in my opinion, the goal of DRM is not to stop pirates, it's to make the sales and demo-to-full-version experience easy and painless for honest customers. (Most games, regardless of how sophisticated the DRM they use are, can be cracked quickly if a decent hacker has the patience.)
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    Hey Amanda, it's been awhile. Glad to see you still posting here!
  3. bantamcitygames

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    Definitely! We've missed your presence here. I agree there is a lot of "Down with DRM" attitude, but yet most people don't have a problem with Steam which is obviously DRM. So I don't think people really have a problem with DRM, it is just bad DRM that they have a problem with.

    Thanks for passing this along to the community.
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    Well, Steam doesn't impose its DRM (at least not anymore) and AFAIK it is very "lite DRM" anyway :p. Personally i wouldn't buy any game that needed some sort of online authentication to run because i simply do not trust the servers to stay online. I'm on the Internet since 1993 and i know how long these things tend to stay around (hint: none at all), especially compared to how long their makers claim they will stay around (hint: forever) :p.
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    Nice to see you back Amanda. I actually didn't move over to SP once Digital River took it over. I stayed with Armadillo, and it was set fairly light. Not to mention my software was never configured to access the internet for online authentication. I still use Armadillo on some products, most of the them now don't even use DRM anymore. I will keep your suggestion in mind though, just in case :) Thanks for the information!

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