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    We need a ear piece camera video game where people wear a ear piece and have a camera on their shirt and the people watching online tells the people wearing the ear piece and camera what to do. Staring at cellphone screens causes sever visual damage which leads to blindness. Only ear piece video games are safe. Google glasses failed because everyone who wore the glasses sufferd vision loss , virtual reality glasses have even worse consequences. We need ear piece with camera video games the people wearing the ear piece cameras has someone watch online and the person watching online tells them what to do
    Here is what I am writing market research groups

    I am hoping someone will make an ear piece market research video game

    with pre instructed information of where a person should go

    and market research questions for people to ask other people

    to get the information to complete each assignment the video game maker

    asks them to complete

    ranging from :

    studies of what books to read

    what to ask females to get dates

    what food to eat and nutrients

    education like math geography science etc,

    what to say to people

    foreign languages

    and more I can include if you can find any interested parties.

    The reason google glasses failed and vr glasses will fail also

    is they cause people to become blind .

    No one can stare at a screen so close to their eyes.

    The best solution is ear piece market research video games

    identical to a bell operator that asks what city, what name and retrieves

    the number, instead it says go to King and Yonge and ask the first person

    these question always remember to smile

    "Hi Are you a pet owner"

    the person says "yes"

    "Do you like dogs or cats"

    the person says " cats"

    " they are selling cats at Davisville and Yonge would you like to come with me

    and pick one"

    the person say " yes

    "what day and time"

    the person says" Saturday "

    " Can I get your number"

    the person gives their number

    and the market research study is done , if the person answers differently the

    market research study is done and the automated voice respondent gives

    the person another video game for market research to complete.

    (I would also recommend a camera on shirt with ear piece and people watching

    online to tell the people what to do video game , that would be after

    the ear piece automated respondent market research game is in place)

    I know that staring at a screen directly in a persons eye is dangerous.

    An automated respondent market research study where the person is told where to go

    and what to ask to get to the get the next assignment teaches people skills

    and give us the market research we need to sell products.

    I hope someone is interested , I like video games that don't destroy my vision.

    Ear piece market research videos games is definitely a game that will come

    it is just a question of who is ambitious enough to speak to companies to make

    it happen and once evolved can include all forms of technology.

    Stare at screens videos games are dangerous for the vision, slows down the economy,

    and give us less control of buying and of people who want to play video games.

    If anyone can improve this I welcome you. I do not like looking at screens . Screens are permanently destroying my vision

    I could also make an ear piece market research video game that when people answer the survey we pay them and I could make a market research video game to make people millionaires by having them ask surveys and the most influential meets the others and they make companies

    Ear piece camera video games make a lot more sense than stare at screens video games

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