Diligent Engine v2.4.d: MSAA, Queries, Bindless Resources, Unit Tests, new Tutorials and more

Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by diligent, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Dec 12, 2018
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    The latest release of Diligent Engine implements a number of new features: MSAA, Queries, Bindless Resources. It also makes a major improvement to code quality assurance by enabling automated unit testing, format validation and static code analysis.

    Check it out on GitHub: https://github.com/DiligentGraphics/DiligentEngine

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    Dec 12, 2018
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    Diligent Engine is now also available in C!
    Check out Tutorial 03 implemented using C API.

    This is an example of C API:

    // Bind vertex and index buffers
    Uint32   offset = 0;
    IBuffer* pBuffs[1];
    pBuffs[0] = g_pCubeVertexBuffer;
    IDeviceContext_SetVertexBuffers(pContext, 0, 1, pBuffs, &offset,
    IDeviceContext_SetIndexBuffer(pContext, g_pCubeIndexBuffer, 0,
    // Set the pipeline state
    IDeviceContext_SetPipelineState(pContext, g_pPSO);
    // Commit shader resources. RESOURCE_STATE_TRANSITION_MODE_TRANSITION mode
    // makes sure that resources are transitioned to required states.
    IDeviceContext_CommitShaderResources(pContext, g_pSRB,
    DrawIndexedAttribs DrawAttrs;
    memset(&DrawAttrs, 0, sizeof(DrawAttrs));
    DrawAttrs.IndexType    = VT_UINT32; // Index type
    DrawAttrs.NumIndices   = 36;
    DrawAttrs.NumInstances = 1;
    // Verify the state of vertex and index buffers
    DrawAttrs.Flags = DRAW_FLAG_VERIFY_ALL;
    IDeviceContext_DrawIndexed(pContext, &DrawAttrs);
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    May 3, 2019
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    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing, be exciting to see what's new!
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