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    I am AlexLivingstone and I am developing my free browsergame called Mars Commander.
    Years before I called it Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Albert Einstein's Edition but there is no chance to get connected to Westwood... so it will be a complete own made free browsergame.

    Albert Einstein got control of the whole world and developed a computer called E.V.E. (Electronic Video Expert) who is the global police.
    Now E.V.E. is looking for people starting simulations for conquering Mars. She gives Credits and the player can buy rockets, machines, ressources, satelites, mars sites, ....

    The player starts by sending a Mars One Rocket which can carry several loot to mars.
    On Mars different construction vehicles can build structures like beginning with a fabric for glass out of mars sand or for metal out of mars stone ...
    A simple but complex strategy game. The player has company with its value; have to sell company shares to get money (Credits) to buy neccessary equipment to build up own construction lane on mars, selling glass to earth, building spacecrafts or subterranean units ...

    It will be a free browsergame, but I want to make money with it by
    - Selling standalone version as download, CD/DVD or USB-Stick
    - Selling DLCs
    - Selling Items, Loot, loot loot, ...
    - Maybe some money by some & of transactions
    Player can register several accounts, can create several characters for each account and can trade items for cool farming in free browsergame

    Current pictures of development

    Acutally I'm working on the Mars One Rocket which is a base part in the beginning of each match

    The game will be strategy game like C&C, ANNO, ...

    I'm looking for developers. The developer team is called Delta Time Agency :)

    Vist us on Discord: https://discord.gg/4s9haC
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