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    I wanted to take a minute to gauge interest in a project my team and I are taking on.

    Our Thesis
    Can we improve the quality and pace of game development if testing & early feedback become crowd-sourced?

    The Project (
    Over the next few months we will be launching a platform where game developers can publish their unfinished projects in order to illicit help from the community. Community members who would like to contribute to the game development would "back" the project and agree to take on whatever testing or evaluating the game developer is in need of.

    How would my game benefit?
    The system will facilitate bug tracking and communication between the game developer and all the testers backing with the project. Game developers would be able to release a pre-alpha version that testers could download and run. Your builds would also contain instructions for your community on what you are looking for in terms of testing for that specific build. Once you've released enough builds and fixed all the necessary bugs, you would reward your active community members with the pre-determined incentives.

    What incentives do the testers have?
    We are hoping that game developers would consider several things as payment or reward for testers upon completion of the game:

    1) Anyone who contributed would get a free copy of the game.

    2) Testers would get mention in credits as part of the game development team.

    3) Highly active testers may have character or level named after them.

    Please know we are creating tools for you to measure how effective a tester is. Our initial metrics will be number of bugs created and number of bugs verified. Our goal is to incentive both the creation of bugs and the verification of them. This system will enforce accountability among the testers, ultimately ensuring that you are addressing real bugs that others have reproduced.

    What about or reddit? Don't they already do this?
    Unlike or reddit, we are focusing more on the pre-alpha version of games that would normally be considered 'broken' by the community. Think "it's not even close to being done". For example, maybe you don't have any models except a sphere representing the player, or perhaps your game only has basic textures or lighting. Could your game benefit from getting early feedback and bugs from testers?

    The expectation from the community here is different as well. Itch is for early adopters who want to try out games. This platform would be for people who want to contribute in a more meaningful way.

    We are viewing this more like kick-starter except instead of asking for money, you are asking for time from your community in helping build the game.

    Why Just Testing?
    At the moment we are limiting this tool to testing and game-play feedback because those roles scale well and many people can contribute to those objectives.

    Interested in Being A Part of This?
    If you are interested in learning more about being a game developer or a tester please checkout our website at If you have any questions you can view our faq or ask a question in the comments below!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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