CopyRight/Trademarking Question about an old game (Lady Sia)

Discussion in 'Indie Business' started by Revian, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Jul 19, 2016
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    There's this old game made by a company called "RFX Interactive" that's called "Lady Sia." Published in late 2001 for the GBA by what was known as "TDK" Mediactive at the time, though I hear that publisher is known as Take-Two Licensing now, but my resources could be off.

    The Point is, I wanted to see if i could use the tittle for some ideas of mine, but of course you can't use someone else's work without permission, so i intended to see if i could find the original designers. But here's the catch, The company has been disbanded so i can't reach anyone who made the game, and from what i've seen the title has been dead ever since.

    After that i've tried To look up records. I'm not to familiar with searching for Trademarks or copyrights, but from what little i pulled up i didn't find much, so i'm just confused

    Could someone tell me what should i do now? I'd like to revive this title one day, but i don't want to run into legal issues if there's something i overlooked. Is there some other step i should take just to see what i can do, or should I avoid the risk altogether?
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    I think you should consult a lawyer. That might be expensive, but if you believe that it's worth the price, this is your best option. I understand that you want to use the title of the game. You can look into USPTO for more information about who owns the trademark. However, the trademark might be used in other countries, but the US is generally used by foreign companies when they want to register a trademark and that could provide a reference. Many trademarks are abandoned, but that does not mean that they can be used freely. Even if a company doesn't exist anymore, the IP might be used by someone else. Having developers advice is great to get some direction, but when dealing with ambiguity in the legal arena, a lawyer is strongly recommended at the end.
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  3. kevintrepanier

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    You can use it as a starting point and design your own "lady Sia-esque" game. Is it very important to you and your project to use the title?
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  4. metateen

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    The first step is to see if the names public domain, if it isn't you'll need to scavenge to find a way to use the name officially or parody the name to avoid copyright issues.
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