Chinese and Japanese localization service here! Low price with high quality!

Discussion in 'Other Services' started by chisegf, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Mar 31, 2014
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    Hi Guys,

    nice to meet you! i am an indie dev on iOS platform, and i'm from China.

    i attended GDC 2014 and i found that indie devs from western world are curious about Chinese market but don't know how to enter because Chinese language is F***ing hard! some of them were even cheated by some evil Chinese publishers just because they no nothing about China. that's bad. as a Chinese i felt ashamed...

    so i came up with an idea, how about i provide services like localization and consultation? this could work out. as an iOS dev, i've been in this field since 2008. i know what matters in the app description, the keyword, and even the names. as a localizer, i majored English and Japanese language in university, so it is not a problem for me to switch from these languages. before i enter this industry, i used to work as a pro translator in a big corp called ZTE. let alone as a Chinese, i surely know what Chinese market is, and how people in this market do things.

    so, if you need help on Chinese and Japanese localization or ASO or consultation, feel free to ask me. my rate is quite low because i am not here to earn big money(making game is), i just want to know more friends and earn myself some pocket money.

    TRUST ME, GOOGLE SUCKS. everyday i saw hilarious translation from indie games even from big names like gameloft, which is definitely from Google translation.

    looking forward to hearing from you guys. :)


    oh, picture of mine, kinda of evidence:
  2. AnniKa

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    Jul 3, 2014
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    Hey, this is a very cool offer you did here, how can i get in contact to you? :)

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