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    There is a new game called Break My Heart where you fight human or AI controlled opponents and try to land your ninja star in their heart. Enjoy all of single-player, local-multiplayer, and online-multiplayer for free at!
    Break My Heart is a game where each player controls a heart and a ninja star connected by a stretchable line. There are four game modes*1*:

    - Battle: Touch your ninja star to the opponent’s heart to kill them. This mode can also be played online. The arena will grow and shrink based on the number of players online. Each time you kill you gain score equal to the killed players score. This mode has events where all players inside an event’s circle will be exposed to different rules based on the event type. Offline events can be wind that pushes you or receiving 3x score for the round. Online events don’t start immediately, unlike offline. They can be a temporary wind event with a 2x score multiplier for each kill, or an event that kills you if you leave or enter it after it starts, but will allow the last survivor to leave and reward him the combined score (at the event’s start) of all the event’s participants. Big triangle “arrows” indicate wind events*2*.

    - War: Kill as many enemies as you can

    - Survival: Dodge ninja stars as long as you can

    - Hunt: Touch as many hearts as you can before time runs out. Each touch the timer will reset, but be a little less lenient.

    There are three game variants:

    - No Switching

    - Switch Positions: You can press a button to instantly swap positions of the heart and star*3*

    - Switch Control: You own two pairs of heart and stars and you can switch the current heart and star you are controlling independently. A heart or a star not being controlled will continue moving in its previous speed and direction*4*.


    - Keyboard: Use WASD to control the heart and the arrow keys for the star. Switching is controlled by the Control, Shift, or Alt keys. During gameplay P pauses the game.

    - Gamepad: Use the left joystick to control the heart and the right joystick for the star. Switching is controlled by the triggers or shoulder buttons. During gameplay the center buttons pause the game.

    Online leaderboards will likely be added eventually to the Archives

    *1* A RPG game mode might be added eventually
    *2* Local Battles have an optional Autobalance Teams feature which will slow down the move speed of the heart and star belonging to a player that wins multiple times in a row. A player will gradually return to regular speed if they lose multiple times in a row.
    *3* Switch Positions might be added eventually as an option in online Battle
    *4* Switch Control versus AI might be added eventually as an option in Battle
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