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    With BigSeed, I want to do a very extensible game. The idea is to allow any developer to easily develop modules (aka mods/extensions), and to allow any player to access and install these modules in-game. I decided to implement a minecraft like voxel world, first because I love it, then because it is accessible, and even people without high math skill may code cool modules.

    A module could be a crafting system, a weapon, a ui window, a biome, a world builder tool, etc.
    For example, we can imagine a module to do a capture the flag mode. Or a capture the flag mode, where you would have 10mn to build a fortress and some weapons before it starts.

    I would like to have your opinion about this landing page:

    The game is made with Unity, and the API to make modules is designed to be used in C# but I also succeed in integrating NodeJS. The entire NodeJS ecosystem is usable, like all the npm packets.

    There is also a command line interface to create and publish modules.

    For now, the only available release is an early (and old and not very interesting) alpha, but I'm working on a new release.

    What I've done so far and will be available with the new release:
    - infinite voxel world
    - character with first and third person view
    - single and multiplayer modes
    - inventory system
    - tools to break block
    - weapon such as swords
    - weapon such as guns
    - a game launcher with a system to install modules
    - a command line interface to create and publish modules

    I also want the game to be flexible from the player perspective. A player will be able to create quests and donjons, for example.

    I would like to know what you think about the idea of the game and what you think about this landing page. This landing page aim developers because I will first try to find people who want to dev modules and people who want to join me. Also, there are maybe some language mistakes, I’m not native English, so tell me if you see some.

    I will soon write articles about « how to design an api to make mods » and « how to design a unity project to make mods ».

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