Artists and Programmer wanted for Post-Apocalyptic Medically-Realistic RPG

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    Hello all,


    I am a medical doctor and CEO of a small game production company called Digital Morphine Games, LLC, located in Akron, Ohio. We are currently working on a post-apocalyptic medically-realistic RPG for which we need more 3D artists, 3D animators, one more programmer proficient in C++ and a social media marketer. [US residents only, please]. All work may be added to personal portfolios.


    Please note that our company is a revenue share startup, and all members are given equal ownership in the company and future assets. Documentation and Operating Agreement for the company were processed through the Law Office of John Herrnstein in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.


    Our primary goal is to get experience in the gaming industry, network and - of course - make a good game. Our current project, called "Fall of Atom," is eleven months into production and we meet weekly to discuss ideas, new developments and needs. Our team currently has six members but is rapidly growing. Combined, our skills include an extensive science background, computer programming and technology, professional writing, and 2D/3D artistry.


    The specifics of what we are seeking are as follows:

    1) 3D assets artist who will initially specialize in vegetation and natural scenery. After we have sufficient grasses, shrubbery, trees and so forth, we will need you to assist our other 3D assets artists in completing the other man-made scenery as well as various game inventory items.

    2) Two or more 2D artists for UI screen development, character portraits and general texture work. Artistry should be realistic, gritty and dark. No cartoonish or anime artwork please.

    3) An animator with experience in rigging for the character and creature avatars.

    4) A programmer proficient in C++ and website design. We would like to update our website to include a forum and other dynamic tools to interact with our future audience. The programmer will also work in close coordination with the primary coder for game programming as well as the networking API from Steam. There may also be some programming for game editors. Knowledge of MFC is a plus, but not required.

    5) Marketer. While we are a little ways away from our first marketing campaign, we would like a member dedicated to social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, our primary website blog and video uploads to YouTube.

    If you are interested in joining and developing with us as professionals, please visit our website or our main company site and submit a portfolio and resume. This is not a short project, and all aspects of the game engine have been built from scratch using C++ and OpenGL. As such, we prefer people who 1) are passionate about gaining experience with the very nuts and bolts of game design and 2) love post-apocalyptic games.


    Please see our primary game website for details:


    You may send direct communication, portfolio links and CVs to:


    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


    Harold Ickes II, MD

    Internal Medicine Physician

    CEO Digital Morphine Games, LLC

    Fall of Atom Lead Developer and Core Programmer


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