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    Hey guys, Mystic here! I am currently developing a 2D adventure sandbox game, with inspiration from Terraria, Starbound, and Classic Base Defense games. I have just started on the 4th of January, setting daily goals. So far I have sprited the main character, and I am currently spriting the first enemy. I have come to this thread for ideas for the game. So, let's start with talking about my Minimum Viable Product!
    Minimum Viable Product
    Character can move/jump/attack
    Enemy can attack me
    I can die
    I can destroy blocks
    I can place blocks

    Now let's move on to the aesthetics!
    Idle.png Jump.png
    This is the basic screenshots of the first version of the game.

    The basis around the story is that, well, you make your own! Whether you're a scientist with an experience gone wrong, or a mage, who teleported through a portal! You get to choose your story!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! You can contact me through twitter, and these listed items are what I would need the most!
    -Music Maker

    Feedback is very helpful. I will release new screenshots on my twitter: twitter.com/MystVGC , and also check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mysticpirage
    -I am needing ideas! Please reply with any ideas that are indeed possible, and would fit inside this genre! (BTW physics don't exist!)
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