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  1. Creeperstatic
    Need help for creating game I need 2 members only too big of a team and the game will be stuffy.
  2. mathieu
    mathieu Rami Morrar

    I give you my discord here so we can have a talk :) mathieu#7740
    1. Rami Morrar
      Rami Morrar
      Mine is RM#2002
      Oct 19, 2020
  3. Amalia Cioffi
    Amalia Cioffi
    Concept Artist and Illustrator Available for Work
  4. mateo
  5. Fernando Teixeira
    Fernando Teixeira
    Concept Artist with a habit for Game Art, Sci-Fi and happens to be a dyslexic gamer.
  6. Crisiroid
  7. Dominic Polizzi
  8. IcarusRSPS
    ICarus RSPS is online the 3rd!
  9. JetIsDed
    JetIsDed mathieu
    hey man, I heard that you're making a game on construct 2. i'm more informed in Construct 3, but if you need any help just give me your best shot! and if you need help on artwork (mainly 2D) just write back cause i can work for FREE. lol bye-bye ^_^
    1. mathieu likes this.
    2. mathieu
      Thanks for your proposition. I also finally took construct 3 . More possibility and more simple to use.
      I almost finish my project. I regret not meeting you earlier^^.
      Do you have a discord?
      Sep 27, 2020
  10. JetIsDed
    i'm good at art., and i'm glad to help anyone! ^_^
  11. Cyberdeck Team
    Cyberdeck Team
    A strategic turn based TCG implemented with a blockchain system and written by Bruce Sterling. Currenty in alpha, ask for early access.
  12. ThomasJ
    am a global mobile gaming publisher, if you wanna sell your mobile game or cooperate, drop me message on
  13. protokollstudio
    PROTOKOLL Studio is a swiss indie studio who create games and make 3D rendering (and sometimes websites).
  14. William Edmisten
    William Edmisten
    Ready to make some noise!
  15. endgamer
    Hello IndieGamer Community,
  16. Darryl Van Geffen
    Darryl Van Geffen
    Crafting sentinel! @netherstudios
  17. JBMBET
  18. Fr34ksh0w_W1ll0w
    Electronic Musician.
  19. Hikecloneapp
    Omninos Solutions a development house based in Mohali, Chandigarh Provides best chatting app clone like hike
  20. Hikecloneapp
    Omninos Solutions a development house based in Mohali, Chandigarh Provides best chatting app clone like hike
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