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  1. Emerald_Seeker
    Boundless passion for video games since 1996.
  2. Neroware
    Neroware (or Nero's Ware) short bio: I'm a german programmer studying Games Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.
  3. Master Eraser
    Master Eraser
    I am looking to do simple sprite work for indie developers free of charge, perhaps escalating to a point where I am paid for my work.
    your indie-friendly 'Hollywood' composer
  5. Gabriel Blackalpha
    Gabriel Blackalpha
    Music Composer and Audio Designer
  6. Games Of Music
    Games Of Music Rami Morrar
    Hey Rami! We are Ricardo and Mika, gamers and also music composers. Please feel free to check our portfolio at or

    We would like to know more details about the project, so you can give me your discord user and I´ll reach you there or by email ricardo@gamesofmusic.

    Regarding the price, it would depend on what you want and your budget.
    1. Rami Morrar
      Rami Morrar
      Sorry. Position is closed.
      Jul 2, 2020 at 10:36 AM
  7. Khayalan Arts
    Khayalan Arts
    We are a small Indie-company from Indonesia that develops games featuring storytelling, art, puzzles, adventure & culture.
  8. TracyHunter
    If you are a game platform developer and want to be part of a new online concept, then please contact me.
  9. stefandy
    stefandy Rami Morrar
    1. Rami Morrar
      Rami Morrar
      Sorry. Position is closed.
      Jul 2, 2020 at 10:36 AM
  10. Stu Cole
    Stu Cole
    iv had an idea for a game for over 20years. 15years ago Devs have siad it cant be done. but now it can im sure. how do you protect ur ideas?
    1. Stu Cole
      Stu Cole
      i have a crude pitch im putting together tho its is such a good idea im worried it will be stolen. catch 22 i guess :( ideas guys?
      Jun 14, 2020
  11. Stu Cole
    Stu Cole
    Hello to anyone reading this, thanks for taking an interest ;o) im an ideas man. i have great ideas for games but 0 ideas how to make them.
  12. Mateo Livaja
    Mateo Livaja
    No Pain No Gain
  13. alexgrigoras
    alexgrigoras Ratgibnak
    Hey there, this is Alex Grigoras, game artist and designer. I have seen your post that you are looking for a collab for your game, is this still available? My portfolio here: or check out my posts here :) Let me know, thanks!
  14. Ashley Vorontsova
    Ashley Vorontsova
    Hii, I'm Ashley and me and our team are making a game called "Virago". Latin for "Strong Domineering Woman".
  15. Issac Du
    Issac Du SuperDiffuser
    Hi, saw your post on forum about marketing. I made a party game recently I'm OK with a profit share. Marketing drives me crazy. Not sure if I shall do more marketing on this or not. I'll appreciate if you have some advice. Thanks.
  16. DenOFMirrors
    Rpg/horror game Team Needed. Email me @ if intrested
  17. flexy
  18. DisOmikronCJ
    Update your status. Ah no wait, don't POS--
  19. Leeland
    So i have a friend who is super good at making music. Is this the right place to look for game developers? If you want sample please contact
  20. tylerrywill
    Open for work! Feel free to contact me, even if your budget is low!
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