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  1. DenOFMirrors
    Rpg/horror game Team Needed. Email me @ if intrested
  2. flexy
  3. DisOmikronCJ
    Update your status. Ah no wait, don't POS--
  4. Leeland
    So i have a friend who is super good at making music. Is this the right place to look for game developers? If you want sample please contact
  5. tylerrywill
    Open for work! Feel free to contact me, even if your budget is low!
  6. DaDude
    Overplay is video games made from video - any video. Perfect for car and motorcycle racing, downhill mountain biking, skiing, tennis, etc...
  7. Eric Melendres Barrios
    1. Robot Monster Games
      Robot Monster Games
      Hi, we're very interested!
      May 21, 2020
    2. Eric Melendres Barrios
      May 21, 2020
    3. Eric Melendres Barrios
      Eric Melendres Barrios
      What type of music?
      May 21, 2020
  8. Christoph Schultz
    Christoph Schultz
    Hi, I'm Chris - I just released a demo and a Kickstarter campaign for my very first game "Cleo - a pirate's tale"
  9. Christoph Schultz
  10. rumo
  11. HRBK
    Color Viruses: King Pop finished and published =) Check it out on you want.
  12. mikeldalemusic
    London-based video game composer
  13. InvokeArt13
    Just joined this website and I'm happy to help! Feel free to reach out everyone. :D
  14. Rob Lenfestey
    Rob Lenfestey
    Glad to be here!!!!!!! Thanks Indegamer
  15. Joseph Griffiths
    Joseph Griffiths
    New to this site, can’t wait to check out all it has to offer!
  16. Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    Still learning... to create something beautiful... before I die :)
  17. Alexandra Grishina
    Alexandra Grishina
    2d artist. fan of scifi & fashion
  18. CraterHater
    How's everyone doin'?
  19. Lawi Sultan Njeremani
    Lawi Sultan Njeremani
    Building a sports ecosystem through gaming, esports and golf
  20. SpruceTree
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