How to Write Maintenance-Free Software

Bruno Campolo - January 6, 2010

In my full-time job as a full-stack developer I encounter a ton of code that is not only hard to read/understand, but is very high maintenance as well.  It doesn't matter how quickly you can write code if it's bad code, because over the lifespan of the software you are probably going to spend way more time debugging/fixing code than you spent writing it in the first place.  In this post I hope to give you a few tips that could drastically increase the readability of your code and decrease your project's short/long term maintenance.

Standard Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Mindset Shift

Hopefully the above tips have shifted your thought process in the right direction and I won't have to look at code like this from you: ElpsdTm(int nElpsdTm) { Tmp = nElpsdTm; ElpsdTm = 500; MsgWTm(nElpsdTm); }