Indie Gamer Forums

For anyone looking for the Indie Gamer Forums, I'm sorry to say that I could no longer continue to maintain the site. Since I took over ownership of the site (nearly 10 years ago), I have not made a single penny from any kind of advertising or paid postings and in fact I've spent hundreds of dollars per year on hosting fees. Money aside, the real reason was I just didn't have the time to keep the site up to date and barely managed to prevent the onslaught of spam that threatended the site daily. I was a member of the forums since it was still the Dexterity forums that Steve Pavlina maintained (over 20 years ago). Once Steve moved on from game development, the site became the Indie Gamer Forums. During this time and the years that followed I met a lot of aspiring game developers and learned a ton about development, art, music and business. I eventually became a moderator, then an admin, and eventually the owners gifted me the site, so this is a bitter sweet goodbye to say the least. Goodbye old friend.

About Me

My name is Bruno Campolo. I'm and have been writing code since I was about 5 years old, typing Basic programs from a spiral bound book into my Mattel Aquarius computer. It wasn't much, but after painstakingly typing in many lines of code one character at a time, I was amazed that a smiley face would bounce around the screen. It didn't take long from there and I was changing values in the code and watching what would happen. Would the color change? Would it move faster? My passion for writing code was sparked and I haven't stopped since! I'm now a full-stack developer for a large company and when I'm not working, I'm either hanging out with my two kids or streaming on Twitch while I develop games.

About This Site

This is my website. It's not fancy, but it's FAST! Why is it SO FAST?!? It is because this site is straight-up HTML! OK, maybe there are a few lines of javascript so I didn't have to write the same header/footer/navbar code on every page, but other than that it is pure, unadulterated, wholesome HTML like we all used to write when GeoCities was a thing. Computers have gotten thousands of times faster since then, but why do most 'modern' web pages take even longer to load? It's because most of you modern web developers (you know who you are) keep using bigger and 'better' javascript frameworks that take a virtual eternity to load anything beyond the most basic toy-example page. Get off your high horse and get back to your roots! This is what a web page should be: information instantly at your fingertips. And if you're thinking, "But, I really love javascript!", welp... I made this one page, just for you: I love how slow the internet is. Otherwise, feel free to browse the site! Check out a few of the games I've made over the years or some of my musings in my blog. If I really like or dislike a product/service I'll write up a quick review.